WeWe Phone is the most modern, economical, secure, anonymous messenger.

Complete anonymity

Each WeWe user creates his own name and profile. WeWe does not bind to mail or phone number. If you forget your data, they cannot be restored. You can specify the mail for data recovery and use WeWe as a full-fledged phone.

Energy saving

WeWe Phone almost does not require energy. This is a modern product that uses energy only when you use it.

Data protection

WeWe uses advanced data protection methods used in the most reliable systems. The absence of scripts on the side of your smartphone (such as voting, polls, etc.) completely protects you from the possibility of viruses entering through WeWe Phone.


We give priority to the destruction of information instead of saving it. We are a commercial company working only in your interests. If you delete the chat at home, then it will also be completely deleted on the side of your subscriber.

Access control

If in some way an attacker knows your password, he will not be able to log into the system if you selected the “Only one device” function in the settings. You will be notified when you try to log in from another device.


You see your contact book for convenience only and you can associate the names from WeWe with the contacts in your phone. We do not engage in social engineering and do not associate our product with your contacts. We will not contact your contacts unless you yourself provide them with a link to the application.

WeWe Phone

WeWe protects all transmitted messages, files, videos and images to the latest standards.

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