Version 3.1.1

In this version, the function of restricting access from several devices has been improved, as well as the user page - the ability to make audio and video calls to the user directly from this page has been added. Several bugs were fixed, in particular those related to the display and search of groups, as well as the display of the list of groups when sending content from the media gallery.


Version 3.1.0

Optimized reconnection to servers after connection loss. Added a page for requesting permission to access the microphone in the Getting Started wizard.


Version 3.0.8

Implemented a mechanism for notifying the user about the release of a new version of the application


Version 3.0.7

Added the ability to change the user's password


Version 3.0.6

Updated the design of the task management module


Version 3.0.4

Implemented the function of internal message forwarding


Version 3.0.1

Implemented work with tasks within groups


Version 3.0.0

Modified the function of sending VoIP-push about an audio call (to comply with Apple requirements)


Version 2.9.7

Added support for information messages


Version 2.9.6

Added a connection indicator to the chat screen


Version 2.9.8

Added the ability to transmit tone codes during a call


Version 2.9.0

Added connection status indicator


Version 2.8.1

At the first launch, the assistant will explain why the application has access to the microphone, contacts, camera and media gallery and will ask for permission to access. Fixed bug when playing video files.


Version 2.8.0

Added blacklist support. Large video files are compressed when sending, now the maximum length of the sent video can be up to 24 minutes. Fixed bug with loss of file name during transfer.


Version 2.7.0

When sending multiple photos, the order of selection is now taken into account. Also added the ability to invite users.


Version 2.6.1

The user search field is fixed at the top of the screen. Fixed a bug that occurred when selecting and sending multiple photos. Extended description of errors that can occur during audio and video calls.


Version 2.5.0

Added the ability to reset the password if the user indicated his current e-mail in the profile.


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